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Why no flowers?


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After a week on 12/12, I can see the starts of some flowers but still waiting for a pistil to show?

Surely after a week there should be at least 1?

They don't appear to be stunted because they are still growing - just not flowering...


Could it be a light leaking issue? - they are in a tent which I believe is pretty secure, but I can't see inside when the lights are off.

Nutrient issue? - I would be surprised as the are grown in soil and look healthy.

Crap genetics? - they are just bag seeds that I thought I would give a shot, I started growing them as an interest mainly.


Any ideas?


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Have u a light timer? U may be right about a light leak but have checked it the wrong way, get inside the tent zip her up when light is completely out I mean complete darkness, now look for light coming In get some tape black plastic cover every place you see light till there is no light.


Never turn light on when in darkness to see how they are wait for light to come on.


How big was the plant when turned? Also need pics



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That's not a bad idea, I didn't think to try that (getting inside the tent)


Yes, I am using a timer and I usually check each day to make sure it is going on and off as it is supposed to.

There are a couple plants in a decent size pot and I have been tying the branches down get  an even canopy so overall height is probably max 30cm but they are spread horizontally.


I have seen a friends little brother have a plant grown on his bedroom window sill in a deodorant lid. That plant was less than 10 cm with about a one gram bud on it :doh:  so I don't believe that is my problem.

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Can be many diff things as to why the plant hasent started to flower as yet.


Basic one would be strain dependent, one strain will show way sooner than another.


Some will show sex with in  a week others can take 2-3 week to show sex.


Even from clone it can take from a week to 3 weeks before it starts to flower...

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I'm not exactly confident with this answer but I think the plant has not developed her preflowers in veg meaning you flipped early resulting in a longer flower than normally, also when did you start tying down and how sever did you handle her because that can interrupt a plants growth for a few days, meaning it will not grow or do anything till she recovers.


How good is your medium Soil IMO not a good/proper medium to use, can hold dozens of bad pests bacterial to kill your plant.


Wat ventilation are u using in the tent. Has nothing to do with your problem jw

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Haze, I don't believe I saw pre flowers before the switch. I switched to 12/12 based on height as i have limited space in the tent and didn't want to be stuck with them getting too close to the light with nowhere to move out the way by the time the flowers were finished.

As for the tying down, i have been doing that for a while now and don't see that as the problem because they haven't stopped growing, they just aren't developing flowers.

I know soil isn't best, i never really planned on growing them, but they still look very healthy.

Ventilation is good, clean air fanned in with hot air sucked out through a cooltube.


Ozzy, you say 2-3 weeks? Maybe i'm just being impatient.

One of them had what looks like female pre flower after just a couple days (or maybe that's when i noticed them)  but no pistil coming out the top them yet, and they (pre flowers) have been the same size for days.


I guess i will just have to wait and see.


Thanks for the responses.

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Yep, I've heard it can take a coupla weeks sometimes.

My LSD only took a few days, I think she was on the verge of flowering all the time anyway. lol
My two Lush x BB's are starting to pump out the gurly bits now, they had preflowers but it took a good 10 days before they really started to push the gurly bits out.

Glad you're finally seeing some results. :)


Good luck!

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