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ok, I just got through reading this.

At first look its a great read, full of personal experiances more than anything.

It showed me a couple of things that I didnt know-

Like I didnt know the first fleet to Australia had Indica seeds to setup Australia as a supply of hemp. They fucked up by sending indicas instead of sativa hemp seeds. :D


anyways this guy comes off as a tosser, at the end of the book he states that pot smokers are people who need to get a family and grow up.

He said he got a family and stopped smoking because he grew up.


hopeless case if you ask me, but worth a look. I got my copy from the gold coast council Library. so most Libraries will have it or order it.

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I like this book a lot, though I know what you guys are saying about the ending - a bit of a let down/wuss out. I almost get the feeling he wrote that ending to avoid being stigmatised as a "current dope user" rather than a "reformed" one.


JB is definitely mining the gonzo vein with this book. He has said before that Hunter S. Thompson was an inspiration to him, but in none of his books is it as obvious as this. He even has a character he calls "Savage Henry" which as anyone who has read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" will know, is a direct lift.


That said, Birmingham injects the spirit of Gonzo with his own aussie voice and comes off with a successful, if a little short, book of first, second and even third hand experiences of our pot culture. The people he meets and his way of self-mythologising them transform what would otherwise be a somewhat bland read into something far greater.


I admit I have read this book 3 times since it came out, but that is because it is highly enjoyable with some great anecdotes, larger-than-life characters and page turning humour.


Also important to note is the fact that it's a pretty light read, which I've had no trouble concentrating on regardless of my mental "state" :D


4/5 for me, Margaret.

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