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-The Collective Coco Growers Thread-

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Gday folks,


Recently reentered the the coco growers world again and I've been yearning for a some kind of hub for facts, user experiences and good argument on just how to get the best out of coco fiber.



This thread is to unite the coco growers of OzStoners together in one place to share what we know.


Post your succeses , your failures, your sick plants , your questions, your advice, your scientific data - theories . Anything about coco.


Product junkies, fanboys/girls welcome, Product haters and DIY'ers welcome.


Experimenters highly encouraged.


Try to keep it on topicand back up your experiences with pics where ever possible.


If you are going to link to external information please copy and paste it here with a reference as to keep all the info contained in this thread.


Soil mixes are out but inert medium fillers/aeraters permitted.


Short and sweet in order to get the ball rolling. The ball is now rolling........... :plant: :plant: :plant:

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my names bill

i love coco

am just returning aftre a period of 3 years no growing

feeling like a newb i cant wait to see this thread rocking

atm im using GT coco grow and bloom

only addatives ive added since coming back are

alaskan pure (potash( and some top booster

i find ph 5.8 to be beneficial and find low ec is the best approach

i also like to let them dry a bit between waterings

so the lower ec doesnt alow the salts to accumulate as high between waters

imho coco yields more form smaller pots and is my medium of choice

hope to have something beneficial to add

in the past have done a grow with just 1 feed of coco specific nutes per week

watering phed water every other day

amazingly i got to the end and harvested some quality buds

all the best


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hi im currently playing in coco again its been a few years I used to run coco on timer for feeding had great results. now that im back to coco im hand watering hopefully have a crop in just after Christmas also like to point out im using gt coco nutes and rhizo as additive and also some pk 13/14 come flower time :bongon:

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Good thread RiverRat

Im a first time coco user im using that brunnings stuff from bunnings

Im only using it for my outdoor pots and for a few clones see how I go I suppose

These have been in coco for a bit over a week

First a White Russian and second is nicefuck from sss


Did you flush it out or are you using as is?


What nutes are you using/intending on using?


They're looking good, good luck with the grow.


Naycha :peace:

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Ok my coco history...


just getting back into coco again now after 3 years.


Like most started out with usual bag of canna coco , liter of coco A+B, pk 13/14, rhizo,  ec meter and ph pen :gardening: Was plug and play and yeah it worked well. Coming from soil my yields shot up perhaps by twice and my plants seemed  way lusher and healthier. Brilliant in comparison to my mediocre soil mixes.


Pretty much after this i started using canna terra for veg and dutch master advance for flower (neither coco nutes) with good success for a couple of years. Went  from using rhizo to seaweed and used silica and fulciv acid also. I tried a few different brands of coco medium and probably had the best experience with galuku at the time.


Over all I found it a great  medium when it came to  plant health and being able to flush was handy. Two years at least and without any serious deficiencies or issues..... Then all of a sudden at the end I had a ton of bad luck.  Whether it was the non buffered bricks i was using or what..  my grows and yields declined to the point where I switched to perlilte and coco was alien once again. Yeah all kinds of deficiencies I couldn't make sense of :wallbash:     left me with a "beaten and bashed up" feeling mentally defeated. Irrational seeng that most coco grows peform well.


So..... off I went coco'less for quite some time................  :disguise:




What spurred me back into wanting to try coco again?


# Regaining my faith in the ability to tackle coco again after doing allot of reading. 

# I don't grow allot these days and I want to keep it hand watered. "unsophisticated" .

# Bang for my buck ie carting water/ yield per pot ratio.

# Can correct medium by flushing

# Hydro speed when it comes to growth.

# Rock hard buds which I can attest that coco delivers compared to other mediums such as perlilte.

# Lighter pots when it comes to moving them around this cannot be understated lol :faint:


 So yes I'm back into it after all this time and here is my current grow :freak:


# Strain is Chung lee by SSS 

# Coco is regular galuku brick buffered by using Glows instructions :bow: thank you G-low

# Base nutes are canna coco and I have dutch master gold for flower . (plan is also to buy h and g base coco  nutes to use along side canna to compare)

# Pk will be using mpk (soluble ag fert)

# Seasol and dried seaweed powder

# Trialing fulvic acid again though I was never convinced I saw a difference.

# Pots are rocket style pots to stop roots from circling in the all the pots bar the final flowering pot


Over all I'm happy with my start though there are some issues already arising which I look forward to seeking opinion for in this thread. Anyways my reintroduction here as a coco grower.


Thanks :hi:







last pic is linked from gallery as it wanted to sit sideways^




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Hi I'm Matti and I'm a coco addict,



Always used coco or a mix of perlite and coco, I'm a simple person wanting simple growing methods and for me coco is it.

Cheap-o bunnings coco brick, Canna coco A+B (when late in flower x 1 dose) , rain water, PK 13/14 for flowering and Gogo juice once a week for the roots. I don't even Ph my water (rain water) do as I say not as I do!


My biggest issues are Gnats and mites, I fight them year round in Brissy.



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