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Starting up outdoor tutorial

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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to this and have been reading up on a few things and searching through the site. Mostly finding guides on hydro set ups.


I'm Perth based and want to start up a couple of plants outdoors. Looking at getting some beans from bonza. From what I understand, this time of year and my limited knowledge it may be best to use autos? (please correct me if I am wrong). I was thinking of trying a few different strains, but mainly white widow as I have heard it is quite hardy.


Can anyone suggest, or point me in the direction of a good effective and cheap soil mix I can buy or make up?


If anyone has any tutorials or can point me in the direction, I pretty much need a start to finish sort of thing if possible.


Thanks in advance!



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Heya shaun-i  =) , Maybe try Chrons special sauce (just search here with searchbar) to prep soil and feed them , for your strains , thats up to you. Could still get normal plants in, but ya cutting it fine. Autos usually produce small amounts compared to photo period plants, but if your new to all this, may be ya best bet.


Below in my signiture is a tutorial on light hours for outside growing.


Peace. Nibbler.

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I found a youtube vid called "kog a growers lot " very helpfull .

As for strains iv Found super skunk and nevilles haze good outdoor strains. But ten people will probably give you 10 different answers , from what iv heard white widow will be a good strain for a beginner .

My ideal outdoor soil mix is this , ( and has grown me some monster plants)


60cm x60 cm hole

1 x block of coco coir from bunnings 13$ (says makes 90 L on packaging)


10kg dynamic lifter (about 12$)

500g dolomite lime

About 10L of compost

Mix all ingredients water and let sit for 1 month , in the meantime you can get your seedlings started at home and by 4 weeks they should be ready to plant in your holes .

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thanks for the replys!


As I'm short on time, I forgot to mention I will be growing in pots, can anyone tell me exactly what i need to buy from somewhere like bunnings to get started straight away. As lickalotapus said I need to let the soil sit for 1 month.


Seeds have germinated so need to pot asap!

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