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Is it ok to plant this time of year? (Mid sept)

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Just a question from a newbie, hypothetically speaking if I were to plant germinated seeds today and all goes well will the plants flower early next year? How does it work, or will they only flower during September/October depending on the strains?

I ordered Durban poison seeds from Amsterdam Seed bank and was wondering if it's pointless planting them and having to wait a year until they flower. Any help would be nice thanks

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So just to be clear, I've found a place to plant the seeds and cleared up the plot.

When my seeds arrive they will be ok to plant this time of year and they will flower around autumn?

Provided my plants don't die and I don't make too many newbie mistakes, how long should I expect to wait from the seeds sprouting out of the ground until a full harvest?

Then I'm also going to need to wait around 2 weeks for the harvested plant to dry, and another 2 weeks to cure also? Is that correct?

Sorry if they're stupid questions. Thanks.

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There is no set time on how long it takes to dry. Depends on how and where you do it, how much humidity is happening at the time. Curing is a personal self timing event. Some people cure for weeks even months. It depends on how quickly you want a smoke.


Good luck with getting the seeds in from Amsterdam.


Some people plant seeds right up until December. Just means your yield won't be as much as a full time plant started in September. Most plants are ready by end of May early June depending on the strain. Sativa's take longer than Indica's.


For more info check out cannaversity.

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