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New Member & new grow method

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Hi Everyone,


First I'd like to say hi to everyone here, this is my first post!!


I have been thinking about having my own stuff at home rather than the late night dodgy deals that go on, and finally came to a conclusion that suits my needs.


This below option seemed like a good one for noobs like me that are still trying to get their head around the whole indoor grow thing but still want speedy results so I got one -


I have ordered a "Sungarden" indoor garden kit. It's basically a whole bunch of LEDs at the top and a shelf below for soil and another shelf below that for water, that uses a wicking technology... This means the lower tray is filled with water and the wick material runs through the water and up into the soil creating a damp but never wet environment. They call it hydroponic on the ads but that's pushing it! Works on the same principal as if you place a tissue in water the water still defies gravity and goes up the tissue.


Looks like a neat bit of kit and saves me hunting around for things, and when I get more used to the way indoors work it sure would make a nice nursery for the seeds n clones! It's height adjustable too but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with autos just be sure!


If you look on youtube there is a 2 min ad on the "sungarden" let me know your thoughts, it's an easy way for noobs to get a grow on I know I can set up heaps cheaper but I can't be stuffed!


Would you use nutes in the water tray??


I'm also setting up a dwc or bubble box that's almost there too so hopefully with some more learning the grasshopper will become the grass smoker!


Thanks for reading, n ill post some piccys when the sungarden is up n running!





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Hi Psymon, welcome to OZ

Sorry to be a downer.

That unit may be OK for raising seeds and cloning if that's your intention. :greedy:

You won’t grow much of a plant under 40w of light, no matter what type of lighting it is.(hope I am looking at the right thing)

I would be spending my $300 elsewhere.

Maybe look into cfl’s  or T5’s ? You will get a better result.

I would not use anything smaller than a 250w HID.

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Hey mate, cool username.


Yeah that sungarden sounds a bit ordinary. If it simplicity you're after get a tent,  use pots with soil under a 400W HPS, with an oscillating fan and an exhaust fan that has a carbon filter. Water by hand and away you go. Do your reasearch (like you are now) to avoid having to re-buy stuff or re-do stuff. Try to buy good stuff once, not shit stuff lots. I have changed my setups 3 times in the last 12 months and it's a PITA. Good luck dude, it's a pretty steep learning curve but well worth it.

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Looks like a neat bit of kit and saves me hunting around for things,


Yep, it's a neat bit of kit for growing lettuces on your kitchen bench... sorry for weed it is totally unsuitable. The biggest problem with this and similar cfl powered gadgets is the lack of space between the growing surface and the light.


Clones.... maybe? To check whether there is sufficient light to grow cannabis, try it out with basil... basil requires the same sort of light intensity as cannabis. You might be able to use it to start things? Me, I'd keep it for fresh greens in the kitchen.

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Thanks everyone for the info so far. Very helpful. The SunGarden arrived today and I set it up and transplanted my 3 very small but 3 week old autos from outdoors into this. The led light setup looks extremely bright to the naked eye, I'm thinking that the 40 watts rating is somehow misleading, when reading the brochure it stated the LED's "use" 40 watts of electricity? Can anyone 'enlighten' me on this rating of 40w use electricity? (unintent pun!).


The brochures all state tomatoes/basil from seed to harvest so I'm going to give it a go n ill let you know.


Also the height is fully adjustable to accommodate up to 4 ft plants and ill keep em close since the power seems low from the experts so far... my autos should be fine height wise and ill scrog if required later on. Hopefully I need to as it means the grow is on!


Will keep ya posted on this..


Thanks all... Any further updates appreciated!

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Hey man,

I am definitely no expert, but I have been doing extensive research lately.


That systems 40w led light seem pretty low power compared to others I've seen (you can get 147w proper red and blue mix under $100) and i'm also concerned about the fact the led's are white?


A suggestion, maybe you could hang a more powerful light where the existing light is because the rest of the setup I imagine would do the job.


Good luck man


-another person sick of the dodgy deals....

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