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kn03 as a fertilizer?

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i have an excess of kno3 pottasium nitrate and wondering if anybody has used as a fertilizer it is a technical grade 99.9%. i have found fertilizer grade which says it has a n.p.k ratio of 13.0.45 but can not find a dilution ratio to mix with water to use as a fert. has anyone any knowledge on what tech. grade kno3 might have as a npk ratio and possibly a mix ratio.
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Technical grade just means it is not pure enough to use in the food, drug industries. There are more grades above technical

It has impurities and is suitable for fertiliser.

You will need to add other nutrients though as it only contains nitrogen/13 and potassium/45.

It works great on the lawn and general garden.

I would just buy a suitable fertiliser for the medium you are using as the ratios of elements needed for your plants has already been made.

Less headaches :greedy:

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thats what was thinking trainwreck was just trying to use some of the crap i got laying around. the pottasium level is pretty high and that was my only real concern. could add phosphorus/phosphate to it but, as you say it easier to use premade fert. maybe the lawn is going to get a little bit greener.
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