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Need advice on my first grow please!

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Hey fellow stoners,


So im starting to set up my first grow and am after as much info as possible pleas from others who know how.

I've decided to go with led lights and have just spent a lot on a black dog led 450w light, is quite big in size and should be more than enough for my tent which is 1x1x2, will this be enough room and enough light for three to four plants? Also what kind of grow method would be best for a beginner and easier to maintain until I get the hang of things? I was thinking of soil? Would that be best to start with? What else do I need to get before I can set up my grow? I have all the pots and stuff and a fair few seeds to, so what else? What kind of ventilation will I need to get for my tent? Also I'm in WA and with summer approaching its gonna get really hot, so how would I go about keeping the temps down and humidity in the tent as our house does seem to get very hot in the summer.


I would be grateful for as much info as I can get and any ideas please as I've done some homework but am still pretty clueless about what is best for me being a beginner and with a hot summer approaching to, oh and quarterly inspections to.ha.


Hope someone can help me out.


Thanks in advance.

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The LED you got will be fine for your grow space. If this is your first grow - stick with organic soil. It's very hard to stuff up and it's the easiest way to learn.


My first grow was in coco and although it is very beginner friendly, it's much more involved than soil is but the results are somewhere between soil and hydro.

Growing in soil is dead easy and anybody can do it.


To keep your temps in check you will need to consider an extraction fan. The best thing to do is to get a carbon filter and extraction fan and hook it up to your tent.

The carbon scrubber filters out the smells before exhausting it into the outside room. Depending on the strength of your exhaust fan - you may or may not need

an intake fan (some people run passive intake)


If you're growing stealthy - DO NOT SKIMP OUT ON A GOOD CARBON FILTER AND EXTRACTION FAN. There are only a few ways to get busted and they are:


* Telling people (loose lips sink ships)

* Smell (the easiest way to get busted)

* Light leaks (what is that suspicious light?)

* Suspicious temperature leaks (heat coming from areas that should be cold)

* Visually (as in leaving the tent open for prying eyes)

* Electricity (suspicious usage, stealing electricity (never ever ever steal electricity)


Cover all of your bases and you'll be fine. Most importantly though, is to get started. Don't be scared to make mistakes, it's the easiest way to learn.

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