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2.9 x 2.9 x 2.0 Lighting

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so after my first grow, a single plant in a pc stealth box, moved to a 1.2m2 tent & 400w hps. Crawling is fun, but i'd rather run. I picked up a Seahawk tent of the above size, along with an appropriately sized and named Phat Filter, and a centri fan that resembles a jet engine. I picked up a controller, because DAYUM I will need it. 5m of acoustic ducting thrown in, all for $730. My local hydro guy is a top bloke.


I have a new property with a secure double-length brick garage (10.1 x 3.1 x 2.1). I know the owner and inspections should be irregular to non-existent after the first one in about 5 months. Plenty of time to get some beans going!!


I was thinking 2x 1000w, flood and drain trays. Then I looked at the room calc; which said min lighting is 2262, optimum 3620 and max at 5430 watts.


I want maximum yield under my semi-amateur hands.  


I still have about $1300 to burn on this, so my question is; what would YOU do with this space?


SPEND MY MONEY  :egyptdance:  :egyptdance:

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Four 1000 watters is going to ring bells at your power company if your in Oz, I would stick with the two 1000w and build a nice size room in that carport and grow two whoppers under scrog nets. I did this myself once, luckily I was working as a brickie and got my bricks and cement for nothing, but you can build it out of good old chipboard it don't matter. Cover it all up with Panda film and start those babies crankin. Good luck in what ever way you choose to go Bud.

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basic rule of thumb for me is 1.2m x1.2m is perfect for a 600w

if u can stagger start the lights id go 4x600w

all air cooled shades,id prefer 4 light sources over 2 1000w even with air cooled shades

1000w is alot more heat and i think 600w is best bang for buck

thats how id be doing it

all the best


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Can this be verified/backed up? This is something i'm quite interested in.

I'd be calling that Bullshit. 4000w is fark all.... its a split system and a few home appliances. and if optimum is 3600w, no need to go more unless ya wanna use CO2.

I like the 600wers, the 1000wers have more punch into the canopies but they pump heat and are less efficient.

Make sure you electrics are up to scratch, 4000w on start up is quite a few amps being sucked.


I've seen grows with sheds full of plants running like 16,000w and no-one blinked an eye......... till they started stealing power......


Peace. Nibbler.

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Budding I am talking 10 years ago in Western Australia mate, Electricity was still owned by the government so who knows now it privatized. I wasn't "Bullshitting" in what I said as I had two mates get busted not long after they upped their lights and later found out in court that the cops were alerted by Western Power. But hey who knows now you do what you feel comfortable doing and common sense prevails I guess. 

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atm im running 1800w 1000w flower and veg tent 2 x400w  have also run portable air con last year with the 1000w iv had bill close to 1000$ bucks with no dramas I just keep paying for what I use. im sure there is some commercial grows out there with 10.000 plus watts running and still paying there bills

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Yeah I think now that everything is privately owned Stix you will be safe as, they want you to use plenty of power lol. But I am pretty sure (not 100%) there is a state law that requires power companies to report massive increases in power consumption but I don't think 2 1000w lights will draw anywhere near enough to warrant reporting it. 

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