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socket extensions ?

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Oh sweetie. You'd know if I was being a rude bitch.

I didn't call you names, or get aggressive, or was rude. Like you have just done.

Merely stated A: using anything higher than 40w in a 40w rated lamp will likely cause a fire, and that B: that the reason manufacture's put rating labels on lamps.

It's to help protect those twits out there that think it's ok to draw 130w off a 40w rated socket.



If a bit of common sense was used on your part before making a post like that maybe you would get a better reply...


What Ozzy said!



*edited for typos.

Edited by Katt
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. hash nibbler just trying ta make sure i don't blow maself up and maybe if advertisments were described better i would not be asking stupid questions. but anyway quickest respone from anyone on here yet lol I'm just wanting to start a small micro grow using cfls bought sum splitters got 3 years of reading under ma belt@ just needed ta make sure i don't get fribed b
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