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Problem ?

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Hey guys, this is my second outdoor growing season in soil so far yet, im from down in victoria so it is still pretty cool at the moment but warming up slowly. i have 8 seedlings going at the moment, some skunks and other strains given to me for mine, but i have 4 of this new strain i have never tried growing before, and one of the seedlings has only been sprouted for a day or two and is showing signs of a dark purple sort of colour on the first set of leaves, does anybody know why this could be ?





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Nothing to worry about kushynugs, I've quite a few start off like that and they usually turn green once they grow a bit more. Cannabis can have purple leaves but usually when mine start like that it doesn't last long.


As long as they look happy don't stress.


Good luck with the season.


Naycha :peace:

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thanks naycha i was just curious because i didnt think the any part of the plant would change colour so early but yeah thats good to hear anyways, right now the temperature is hanging between probably about 15 degrees celsius and about 23 degrees so that could be an answer for me aswell :) thanks for your help

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