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Flowering already?

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Hi all,

Have got an outdoor grow going, plants are about 5cm tall for now. And some are starting to flower. Given the days are getting longer, will this situation rectify itself or am I screwed with these plants? One positive that has come from it are two of the 4 are male, so I'm not putting the months into tending those ones. Others have not (yet) done similar.

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I know all about light cycles etc Nibbler, they were normal seeds - the two males were northern lights special regular seeds. A couple of photos to show what has happened, they may have been in too shady a spot so have moved them now. attachicon.gifimage.jpgattachicon.gifimage.jpg

Well if ya know all about everything, how ya fark em up so badly? lol . If ya knew what ya were doin they would of been out in late August, not October.

Another expert that uses shit potting mix...... puts em in part sun, and wonders why they flower. lol .



Peace. Nibbler.

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Yeah was coming here to find out why I've fucked them up, and hope they are going to come right! Didn't realize they were in part sun, it was a sunny spot I had them - but with trees it seems they were shaded a lot more than I was expecting. Anyway, full sun all day now. They were out late August/ early september, hence my big thought that maybe the daylight hours were not enough even though the days have been getting longer. Potting mix they are in was a mistake, got half a cubic metre of what was supposed to be premium potting mix from the local landscaping suppliers.
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Well an update of sorts, most of the seedlings did nothing, ended up spouting some more later on and with the added daylight hours they took off. A couple of the early ones that just didn't grow beyond about 5cm after 3 months but were flowering finally managed to revert back to veg (around new year) once I repotted into 75 l grow bags. In full flower now. I've learnt a lot from this grow, and will likely start a bit later in the season next year as I'm pretty much just outdoors, nothing inside set up for seedlings. Bloody wallabies keep eating some in one spot, and chicken wire isn't helping.

Anyway, will put up a picture of my 3 that are going well, and ask a quick question - how much need is there to be feeding the plants, and what should I be looking for if bunnings is pretty much the only place to buy locally. They are going well in a soil/horse/chicken manure concoction but being in bags I don't want them running out of steam before they are finished, and last time I fertilized while in flower they died on me from burning the roots...post-48670-0-00748600-1393454371_thumb.jpg

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