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Is this an Indica / Ruderalis Blend?

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I didn't look at the video as I won't use dropbox but you probably won't be able to tell the genetic heritage of the plant at all by looking at it.  It could come from anything and probably has a wide range of parental influences making it just another random plant.  That doesn't mean it doesn't have the potential for greatness or anything, its just that you won't be able to call the plant by a name given to its family by someone else.

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Hello ........ dont quote me on this but Im pretty sure 3 leaves doesnt means a rudi plant , just means its got 3 segments  ...as far as I know ruderalis plants are auto flowering .... your plants are young and will probably get leaves with more segments as it gets bigger ......

The best way to tell what way its leaning in terms of sativa indica rudi is by doing some research so you know how to roughly identify a sativa indica or rudi then growing your plant out and seeing which group it falls into ....


your plants just young thats all ......


guessing that the dust is some tomato dust or something similar


Cheers :) Brimstond

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