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Comparison Needed

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Coco has disadvantages and advantages, according to your environment.


If you use coco, you need to take it's organic nature into account, and apply measures suitable. i.e. getting coco nutes or organic based nutes if possible, being extra vigilant about insects, etc...


If you use perlite, there are also disadvantages, you can get really crappy stuff which doesn't stay solid long, it can be too fine, it can be a bitch to clean, (although that too applies to coco)... etc.


It's a matter of weighing up the options. Personally, I use perlite or perlite based medias. They've given me the best results. But others would say that they experienced significant yeild increases in coco. I didn't. But that's just me, and I live in a place where sciarid fly is a serious concern.


Anyway, your best bet is to try a couple of each, at sometime or another, but if I could offer any advice about the coco it would be to mix 50/50 perlite with the stuff. It can be excellent as a media on it's own, but with some perlite for extra drainage and air porosity it can really help. :P

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I am using Cocopeat mixed with Perlite and Vermiculite.. at about 70/15/15 mix.. but with perlite on the bottom of the pot, then a cocopeat/perlite mix, and a not so mixed in layer of vermiculite.. then covered with a cocopeat/perlite mix, but the top is predominately cocopeat.. I think the cocopeat holds a bit too much water for my liking, and the vermiculite I will use less of and mix in more thoroughly next time.. I have no problems with pests really, but Ill still take measures to prevent them with things such as Bio Bugs, but my next grow I'll use clay rocks at the bottom of the pot, with cocopeat/perlite mixture 60/40 for the rest of it.. I really like the cocopeat/perlite mix, as I dont have to water too much.. currently Im watering once a day (the plants are 20cm's only) but Ive changed to two smaller waterings a day.. I have irrigation setup in there now also, but ill just turn on the pumps by myself..


Does the times of day for watering affect the plant in veg phase? If i tie some down or do some training :D ill often give them a bit of juice after that also.. i have two friends that use to grow and one uses perlite and the other clay.. they have had outstanding results in both, but my friend with the perlite, and less growing experience, produced a bigger harvest, but then, I guess its up to how big the person wants to grow the plants, and what area he/she has....


The final system I have is a 4 pot with a 400w hps going over it soon.. and 300mm pots, I might see if they make 400mm pots to upgrade to them... id rather not trim the roots if i dont have to.. a larger root system will make a better plant, with more yield, theoretically.. Down the track, before I start to flower my plants, Ill add another 600w hps kit onto that room also.

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