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drip system Question


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You can keep topping up the rez and have noprobs, then again if it sits for to long the salts can start to leach out and the water will go green.


A good way to keep things mixed in the rez is to have an air stone running and helps to put oxygen in the water.


Me i would do a every say 4 weeks let the rez run low dump the lil it dosent pick up for feeding give the rez a good wash and run strait through dripper system to help keep clean and get rid of any built up salts in the feeder lines.


Refill rez and start the cycle again...

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Hey Aristo,

I run a recirc SCROG in perlite in 50 ltr pots and have used this system for over a decade.

I flush fortnightly and top up with straight water when needed in between.

My flush works like this. Empty my rez, fill with straight pH adjusted water and run the system for about 1/2 hr, throw that water out and fill my rez again with ph adjusted water and run the flush thru again. I repeat this 3 times or until my EC is the same as my rezzy water. Then refill again add nutes, then check pH. Then set and forget 

I check and adjust pH twice daily ( AM and PM) at the same time I check EC and top up nutes if needed

As Ozzy says the salts do build up in the solution, hence the fortnightly flushing. If I don't flush and replace the fluids the salts are difficult to keep down.

The air stone is a must both for the health of the fluid solution and also to aerate the roots of the plant.



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hey guys thanks for the replies/Advice well I modified the shit out of my setup well basically through the system away I bought,


Pretty much only used the pump out of it.


got  2, 290x400 square pots plumbed a 13m in for the feeder an I wanted to make sure it drained well so I plumbed a 19mm hose from my growing pot to my res, res sits on out side of the tent so I can keep an eye on it, I already chucked the air stones in before I even seen your comments so I must be on the right track.


Only problem is I did't really take into account for ease of use when changing the soloution spose I could hook my pump up to a different hose drain water then scoop remainder out with a cup res is outsice the tent so im sure i'll work something out


so I have a 16 day old clone (16 days since rooted) im running ec of 0.4 cause I just transplanted from coco to clay balls and my phis 6.2

im gonna run cyco bloom all the way through


I have a 0.8x0.8x1.8 tent I have a 400watt light running a 150mm exhaust fan nothing special just a normal bathroom one and I have a carbon filter on the way


also my res is like 22 degrees the water I mean is that hot enough?

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Hey Aristo,

Here is a couple of scribbles I put together that might give you some ideas. Just remember all setups are different and although this works a treat for me and my setup you may need to 'tweak' it a bit to suit.


This is a quick drawing of my heart set up. In the past Ive had extra feed lines and returns. But this just meant more places for fluids to leak. Now I have 1 feed (13mm) and 1 return (19mm).



This is my SCROG table. When in grow (18/6) all growth is pushed under the netting in a starfish shape. DONT WEAVE IT, cos come harvest its a real bitch to chop if its been weaved. I know. I did it, once. Never again lol  When changing to flower (12/12) allow the growth splurt to grow up thru the netting. I use trailer nets to support the upward growth. I use two trailer nets at differing heights depending on where the support is most needed. The top one is to support the weight of the buds 'cos otherwise the fall over and snap or one side gets all the light and looks fantastic. The side which the bud has been laying on gets no light and shit buds. :shok:



All my timers/pumps/fluids are outside of the room. This way I can check and refresh when I can rather than being restricted by lighting times. Also I have a 200 ltr barrel as a reservoir sitting on top of an old washing machine. I fill up the barrel and allow it to sit with an airstone in the bottom. This allows the Chlorine in the water to dissipate before I feed it to the plants. All the waters used come from this barrel. All adding and mixing of nutes, pH up and downs and testing is done from the heart and not the barrel. The barrel is water only. 


Now these are some of my processes that work for me. And here is a bit of the results. If you look closely you can just see the trailer nets underneath.





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