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Folding - A 7 day Snap Shot

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With things in full bloom, and the growth significant, things are starting to slow down as week 3 begins (height growth per day) and buds are starting to develop.


Despite this, we still have two inevitable factors.


a/ the plants will still grow another few inches at least over the next couple weeks.

b/ the lights can only go so high.


Most common technique is bending and training them down.

This is very effective and I use this technique through most of my grow.


But you can also 'fold' your plant stems over.


This can put a bit more stress on your plants, and certainly do not recommend it if your plants are struggling.

However, if your plants are doing  well, which at the moment mine are, folding is a great technique that works very well.


The idea is that you fold the stem at a 90 degree angle and then train the plant to grow side ways.

Its important that when you fold, the plants are either supported by other plant branches, supported by a net, or can somehow be tied up so they don't bend over.


Here is a photo a minute after folding.


You can see the one on the left has actually been snapped, and a bit of juice has come out.

This isn't ideal, as folding is less stressful, none the less, as you will see from the next photo,

it really didn't matter.


This is 24h after the snap ^


Here is another picture of a main cola that has been folded over, again, 24h after the fold.



So as you can see from the two photo's above, the plants have reacted positively, in 24h they are pointing back at the light, supporting weight and no worries.


Ill post some more pics over the coming days to show you how it looks after a week.



Cyclone -

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