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Hit the lights, cut the top?


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So, one of my plants hit the glass screen of the cooled hood that I'm using maybe a week ago.


The leaves have kinda grown out retarded and its not looking very happy.


Overall the plant is going nicely, and the head is starting to bud up.


I'm considering topping it, and letting the plant respond by bulking up the other areas instead of worrying about this main cola.


Plant is a Super Silver Haze




post-13422-0-73673500-1380197248_thumb.jpg post-13422-0-83398700-1380197358_thumb.jpg

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Although there was a fair amount of damage cutting the damaged sections off might make the plant look better to you but as the plant doesn't look too bad cutting it could cause the plant far worse damage than the light did.  Its going to take time to recover from the experience no matter what so you might as well leave the plant whole to see if the bud can recover too before cutting it away and removing that option while also giving the plant more damage to recover from.  Personally I think the best thing you could do is just keep the light raised a tiny bit higher than normal for a few days to give it a bit of a break from being smashed by the light so much.  That should be enough for it to get over most, if not all of the damage since it doesn't look too bad and get back into flowering hard for you.  She'll be a little bit ugly compared to the others for sure but I think she'll do better left whole and recover a lot better than you expect :)

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Pinch and Bend mate... low stress training is better in flower. Grab the stem of the bit ya want lower , squeeze it a few times with ya fingers i n the same position , then lay it over, it will pop back up, but do it a few times- over a few days , it'll stay down.



Peace. Nibbler.

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