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General Q - How long from seed to smoke?


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2 month flower time if you get an 8 week strain, this can be 10-11 weeks depending on your choice.

If your talking hydro, could be 2-6 weeks veg depending on your light choice and conditions, and how big you want to get them, what the genes are like and how vigorous the growth is. The seed might also take a week or so from when you put the water on it to when the first leaves show.


1 week to dry depending on humidity and heat, 2 weeks to cure properly, but can cure for months.


so from planting seed, to having your buds dried and uncured but smokeable.


Lets say 14 weeks. maybe 12 weeks if they are really small.


If you have a 10 week flowering strain, plus a month seedling / veg growth and an extra week for them to pop, plus dry, plus a 2 week cure,


17 weeks or so.


Cyclone -

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I guess I'm going to lump all my noobish questions in one thread to save making multiple threads.


Should I get a 400w grow tent kit or 600w for 1-2 plants?

I'm going to go with one of those auto-pot systems

Should I risk growing in a rental unit?  Next inspection not until Dec

Should I go with the easiest to grow strain, like skunk as my first grow instead of trying to grow something that i need medically?

This would be an indoor robe setup.


I think I need to read more and post less, I'm not to the paranoid stage yet but don't know why i'm posting all this info on this site.

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Mate i would definitely go 600w light as the bigger the better. It doesnt really matter the amount of plants you grow they are only going grow in response to the strength of the light.


In this heat i would definitely recommend air cooled lighting. Get a cooltube and exhaust from the carbon filter through to the light then out the tent.


Auto pot system is good for your first time. I would grow in a rental but that is complete personal preference, a tent is best suited for this though.


If you are not looking for huge yields I would consider buying auto-flowers as they flower straight away. 6-8 weeks from seed to harverst :D, and yes you can get decent yields. If auto's dont tickle your fancy try a more heat resilent strain, I have grown white widow in extreme heats before. Good first time strain.

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Nah mate its not. There are reasonably reputable but there is always a risk buying over ebay.


i would get this one though http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/600w-Cooltube-kits-and-duct-fan-Ventilation-System-Grow-Tent-Hydroponic-setup-/251342635458?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&hash=item3a853041c2


I am definitely all for cool tubes as they are just so god damn easy.


If you do go ahead with an online purchase try not to get it delivered to the address you will use it at..

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Id wait for your inspection to pass mate.

Then set it up and go from there.

It will be flowering still when they come over.


Personally I don't really grow through Dec - Feb cause its often really hot.

But if you have really good airflow you can make it work.


Seems like a good deal for a beginner. Just remember, centrifugal fans are noisy, and cheap tents, which I'm sure it would be, often leak a little light.


If your in a rental apartment, you will need a window to draw air in and exhaust to.


I have done it before without any issues, but just keep it in mind.


Cyclone -

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advice for starting up with no bud or plants.....


if you're desperate for bud when ordering seeds online, get a cple of xtra seeds and make them quick autos (i've had 9 week from seed).

throw the autos in with your photoperiod beans and crack them at the same time.

by the time you are half way through your flower cycle the autos should be dried and ready for a bit of inhale-exhale motion..... lol having the auto buds ready to smoke before the harvest of your good photoperiod plants can have its benefits !

having the shitty autoflower buds available to smoke can help you get through the desperate times of the drying and curing of your photoperiod buds and stop you from harvesting them too early.

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