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How often are people changing their strains?

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I had to start over from seed this year when I started growing again and I'm planning on sprouting more seeds every 2-3 months so I can really build up my strain collection in a hurry.  There will be 5-10 seeds of a few different strains started every time and each generation needs to be fully tested before any ladies can be killed.  The males can be killed if I have no intention for making seeds with them but I need to keep all the ladies and at least one cutting of each of them alive which require their own grow area effectively doubling the size of my garden.  Since I'm sprouting more seeds before the first lot can even be fully tested you can imagine the insanity that I'm forcing upon myself.  Most people aren't as crazy as me but I think you'll find most people here are just as eager to get new genetics in their gardens because variety is the spice of life and we all love growing something new :)

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I tried 2 breeder strains and a couple different bagseed strains.  I think around 4 or 5 would be cool.  I noticed it is nice to have a couple jars of each for variety and tolerance type stuff.  Nice little subtle changes in flavour aroma and :bonghit:  Still looking for  the paramount daytime smoke for me. so far its NHS but perhaps next autumn La Nina may be the one?  Couple of different bag seed experiments that I'll do this summer outside so Stix might be on the money with 4-5 mums...There's soo many lol  when the kids are a bit older the bamboo is gonna be tall and the tropical sativas will get a run outside...in the suburbs lol  I bet you've got some gems amongst them billo

I like the idea of Ozzy bred strains too...just on this site we have some seed makers of excellence-Aus could be the cannabis centre 'sted of europe/states

peace to yas. v :sun:

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