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Average time for grow & flower ?


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yeah each strain will have its own optimum growing and flowering time - you'll have to dial that in after you know more about the plant. but really depends on a few things like size of grow area and whatnot - you don't want to be vegging a quick growing sati monster too long in a small space, you'll just run out of room b4 flowering, all plants will stretch in different ways and times depends of conditions / distance to light etc.


but as a general rule of thumb from what i've read  you veg for about 8 weeks then flower for about 8 weeks+ or until they are ready (check your trichomes with a mag / loup).


have a skim though some of the diaries and see how long other people flower them out for. - https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/forum/99-cannabis-grow-diaries/

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