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Temperature of grow tent ?


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Ok thanks, I'll turn up the circ fan n see if that drops it, I've moved the circle fan & intake duct and it's now on 30 c, but try n drop it another 2-3 degrees. Also, what temp should I have it when the lights off ? I'll put the circ fan permanently on with the intake and monitor the lowest temps now when on off cycle.
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mate the exuast fan and intake fans should be running 24-7 they need to be 6'' or more  if the tent is hitting 33 degrees or more your exaust fan isnt doing its job at all also you need to look at where your venting the air to make sure the intake fan can get air from a window or from another room eg. a hole in the wall to another room will suffice , 


then  make sure your humidity is on point 50 - 60 % during veg and heat should be 20 - 27'C  

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Cheers guys, I've got it down to about 26.5 for now. But summer is coming and the tent is inside a shed so I'll definitely need a bigger exhaust setup. I've only had the set up for about 10 days and know very little about indoors so I'm kinda using my first grow as a trial, hopefully luck is on my side. Anyone know what the min temp should be for the off cycle ? Thanks again
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