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i need help aswel :(

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hey I'm having problems with my plants atm. they all seem to be curling. the big one not so bad but its bottom leafs are curling. the one in the little pot most of the leafs are curling.

i use a timer to water the big one twice a day 15 minutes recirculating back into the reservoir during the lightning period. and the little one i water by hand twice a day. they have 18hours of light 400w hps directly over the large plant 12". the room reaches about 30 degrees Celsius.

i have a osculating fan. a duct fan venting out of the tent and a small duct fan venting inward. i have been using the dutch master calculator to step up my nutrient levels and have been following them to a science. so i don't really know what the problem could be unless it is humidity or something. any help would be appreciated.




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ph is between 5 and 6. i haven't been measuring ec. i am using a 20l tank which is changed twice a week. every time before i change it i use a 10L watering can and flush with ph adjusted water from the top of the 50L pot and let it drain for an hour into my reservoir maybe i am not flushing it properly?

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Overfed...But not too bad....Don't do anything to radical from now if you are about to go on 12/12 lighting

I'm not a DWV person but I beleive that its pretty important to monitor the E.C. Levels.


IE if the plants are sucking up heaps off water and not so much in the Nutrient area your E.C. will rise quite quickly.


But you need some more advice from the DWC experts like Nay

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