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Putting That Out Door Plant In The Cupboard

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Hi I am growing a plant that I have put in the cupboard over night for the last two week or so at night (it is just starting to flower) but I couldn't be fucked doing this anymore as I cant always do it at the same time. this origianlly made my plant bud, but now that I am screwing it's light cycles it may suffer, will it stunt it's growth? I started to grow it only two/three months ago and it looks more healthy now I left it outside last night.

I am on the third story of apatments next lots of artificial light.

so wjhats the go,a am I makeing a mistake by fucking with it's light cycles? I have not smoked for six months's ( i was a heavy smoker for 8 years) should I smoke my dope when it is done? I have it in the biggest pot I can and I am useing phostrogen plant food. It says to use this at every watering for a 10l's In a small pot just over bucket size will 10l rot the roots at once every two days? how can I get maximum yeild out of suzzie (thats her name)

lastly she had purple stems at one point, looks like a good starin, do those white things that the buds made of turn brown? they are goos hey, cause she has lots of them.

please help me with as much advice as pos,


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Ok i'm not sure if its a problem with bringing "suzzie" inside or not?


If you would rather leave her out then you could cover her with a black garbage bag with the bottom left open for air and breathing! That will still be dark enough to bud, as much light as the moon gives off is what you want to get!


But if its a matter of getting to "suzzie" under dark at the same time everyday to do that then bringing her in is the only way, which would require lights and a set up!


My only other suggestion is a machine that can cover her up on a timer!


Just a joke but some people can make that type of shit!


Sorry thats a tuff one! :wacko:

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A garbage bag is a good idea.

I should have made my self more clear.

what effect will the fact that I have been randomiseing my plants light cycles have on it. I cant be here all the time to put the bag on, my balcanoy cannons oput light untill12pm every night, getting to her is no problem, its the hours thing and light polution

I will go put as garbage bag on her now!!!

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ya anything that breaths and blocks most of the light, you'll find somthing!


The fuck up with light clces will not do much if you start it right with 12/12 right away..... She'll fine and probabley show no effects of the light screw up in the past, just make sure you keep it constent from now on!


I think thats all..... :wacko: oh wait i just read your statment again!


Yah if you can't have a steady light cycle all the time its not good!

I would ask luke or someone about that but i'm pretty sure it will have a major effect in the long run!

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mate, youre better off to keep the light cycle sorta constant. now and again, a fuck-up wont hurt too much but over the full flowering term...basically, you run the risk of hermies and shit...slows down the process too.

the white hairs will change color when shes ready, so keep watch...shit hot ay!...



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