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will not turn @ 12/12..

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To start hi again after so long away... :twiddle:

any way to the point .. i have had 8 seeds (dated 1992 and labled skunk on the bag out of my seed bank, u ask why use seeds so old ?? , after some old genitcs ) i started 26th july .. 3weeks veg (under very low fluro light but they took off ???), then into flower room ( 12th sept )..

Well all good , all took well. Run usual cycle of 12/12 ..(as 2 in there are at 4 week 12/12).

So now the problem, it has been it has been 3 weeks of 12/12 cycle and no signs of sex  ??? :unknw:

Have an idea lower light even more and see how i go (10on / 14 off).. and I hit the jackpot 7/8 sexed this morn...still 1 to go ...( any 1 ever found they needed to do this ??)

So what i have found if all else fails try sumthing new sum times it works ...

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ok thanks all for the tips.......Ended up with  4 f/m - 4 male ..

Just to let u know in not a new grower trying to work out mistakes i made . I have been growing well over 20+ yrs started hydro grows back in 98 (feel so old lol ) i do abit  crossing and tryin to make my own strains ect for fun and seedstock for outdoor grows.


I sexed the seedlings so early as just to determine males f/m  to grow out as i want seed off them only , i wanted sum females of old gentics to use the last of pollen i have stored, , the clones i took off them yesterday  will be going with my other clones - Mr Nice (G13 x Hash) from sensi seed I bought in amsterdam in 98,( i have been growing this since and love it,   to all after  a new strain for  this year give it a go..) http://www.kindgreenbuds.com/marijuana-strains/mr-nice/


The 10 / 14 cycle seems to be doing the job as the 1st of 4 that turned is blooming well...and it has not seem to affect my stavs i had in there, if anything think it swelled them ...

I also look at the fact that , at 10 hrs on - 14 off , i am  prob saving $15 of my power bill over the week .. yes 12/12 is my normal cycle but hey i tryed sumthing diffrent seems to be working ...


So hear was my point with this thread, I was trying to point out the fact sum strains may take less light to start there flower cycle ( as i found with this one).. thankyou..

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Dunno if this is true but when ever I have grown from seed there seems to be a set age / node at when they will whip out some pre flowers even in veg they will show sex ....

Like they arnt mature enough ..... clones are ment to be the age of the mother plant it has been taken from so can flip to 12/12 when ever you want


Your plant may have been too small or young or what ever .... this may be wrong but its just what it seems like to me

I usually see some preflowers around the 5-6th internode on average on most plants ive grown from seed


Cheers :) Brimstond

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