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Fish Emusion

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I bought some Coles brand the other day, the N-P-K is 9-2-6, cost around $4 for 500ml. It's smells pretty bad, which is one reason against using it indoors but also I'm a little concerned about mold after noticing the top-soil in some of my pots is rather green looking, note that I haven't actually seen anything furry yet.


But yeah the plants seem to like it. Anyone have much experience using fish emulsion by itself or with other ferts?

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The green is more likely an algae rather than a fungus... soil surfaces that are damp and shaded will grow algae pretty quickly.


When I first started growing in containers rather than open ground I used fish emulsion and seaweed extract exclusively. I doubt the smell will be an issue if you have a carbon filter... I used to refer to the aroma as 'Scents of the Sea' aka dead fish and rotting seaweed.

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