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FUBARed and then some

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Urgently looking for help. My garden is in complete meltdown. I have plants ranging from 4 to 8 weeks. Grown from seed there providence is a complete mystery. All started strongly yet began to deteriorate at the 3 week stage. They were planted in Sealy's Premium (Aust. soil mix) with 20/1 mix of manure mix and perlite. Initial seedlings under 400 watt LED, learnt and remaining seedlings kept under a 4x36 watt T8 fluoro array. This is where it goes to shit.


PH 6.2 – 7.0 (non digital measurement)

Temp 24 – 28 Celsius

Nutrients – Canna Terra

Room is ventilated.

Lights on 18/6


(1) Growth has been slow and has almost stopped in places

(2) Plants display numerous symptoms of nutrient deficiency that correspond with a range of problems. At first I thought nitrogen, then potassium then it looked like zinc. (Buggered if I know)

(3) Tips of leaves are severely burnt on nearly all plants (see pictures) and this can and does happen in under 24hrs.

(4) 2 weeks ago, on the chance it was medium lockout, repotted 2/3s into peat moss.

(5) Fertilizer is Canna Terra applied firstly at 1/3 strength, then ½ and finally full strength.\

(6) Lights are 1000w LED. Four (4) in 3.5m x 3.5m room. Currently at 1 meter above canopy ( lol).


I have no problem saying I am completely fubared. Nothing I have done has helped and I am at a loss. Help please.








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