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Been contemplating guerrilla growing some Affies, but since fixing the room a little, don't really need to, but something grown under the sun would be nice, so I'm starting up some of the Afghani seeds, to nurture out the back once conditions improve. I'm currently sexing some seeds from the same batch, to get an idea of male to female ratios, once sexed, all will be tagged and put back to veg, one male to be kept for pollen.

Have only just put more Affie seed in, if they are anything like the last, should see some action in a couple of days in the starter pots. Just a simple 50/50 mix of seed raising mix and perlite, soaked in a warm bath of Uplift plant starter prior to sowing.

Going to have to put up some sort of pest barrier, bunny and bovine proof I imagine, and organise a few camo, oops, I mean companion plants, to keep em company.

Next post, it will have begun, it's Affie time, no Kabulshit:-)

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some affies out in the aussie sun should be great to see :)  who's afghan do you have?  I've seen heaps of different versions going around and only tried an extremely old sensi seeds cut years ago that lost most of its vigor.  It was a fairly slow growing plant in vege but flowered fast and although the yield was low the quality was way up there.  Just gotta love that old school afghan taste and the hash is to die for.  I miss it dearly so if I get to place a seed order in December I'm thinking of getting DNA's or World of seeds landrace versions :)


Can't wait to see this grow in action :)

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Hiya burner my man 'm on this one mate :thumbsup:  I would like to do the same thisw summer with a couple little outdoor indy dom skunks (sensi) that got some stray pollen at the end of last summer outside.  the seeds are big and black-couple 2-2..5 footers hiding in the foliage :D  Looking forward to this one!


Peace to you and good growing! v :sun:

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