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Air flow/ right way to position incoming air

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I am pumping in fresh air from outside into my small room that contains my grow tent. Now the room i am pumping air into is naturally cool because of the way the house is cut into the side a hill. Tomorrow fingers crossed i will install my intake fan and ducting,


(I Will add i have a exhaust system pumping the hot air out of the system under the house.)


I have been pondering at what height should i bring in the ducting for the fresh air? 

All the intakes lay in the ground (heat rises should be coldest on the ground)


i thought that if i pump it up high and let the exhaust fan suck it in low that might give it some more time to cool? 


Or should i pump it in low and maybe the concrete will keep it cooler?

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Realistically it doesn't matter where the air comes in provided the plants get a hit of clean air and it gets replaced frequently enough to keep them happy and not have heat build up.  In most cases its ideal to have the inlet down low as the exhaust gear is up high where the heat is as it keeps everything neat and takes advantage of the cool air being low and hot air rising.  Might as well go with the flow instead of fighting against it :peace:

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