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Can someone help?

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Can someone help me identify a problem I'm having with the cheese looking very sick last couple of days I've taken the 600 on top of her off for time being upped the nutes a bit due to when I use to grow her loved a strong EC, but is hard cause I don't want to over fertiliser the two healthy MS.


Cheers haze



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Hate saying it but the pics are too low quality and in absolutely terrible lighting to be able to tell you anything other than your camera sucks :(  You'll either need to take the plants to a different area with good strong lighting like outdoors or take a picture during lights off using the flash on the camera.  Make sure you get good quality pics of all the important parts like grow tips, any leaves that are changing colour, the surface of the medium, any visible roots, etc. and give us as much detailed information as you can about your setup and feeding schedule.  The more pics and information you supply the greater your chances of getting an accurate answer :)

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Hey everyone


Thanks for comments, sorry for crappy pics lol in the meantime plant is starting to come good, full colour is starting to return and I'm happy to say was due to lack of nitrogen. So instead of upping nutes in tank I make up a small 250ml batch of grow solution and pour right onto we're ther main roots are for optimum absorption. I don't want to add more to the tank cause the two other plants are loving how the are don't want to change the levels they are already being pushed.



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