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turning yellow from bottom up help please

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this is just for a bit of fun and to learn a bit. .

hey just started this about 3 weeks ago going on 4th week now. and its starting to go a bit funny. it was really short from the start and hasn't grown to much( maybe need more lights).


growing in two 55l tubs with mylar inside.

soil, searles, premium potting mix.  http://www.bunnings.com.au/products_product_potting-mix-searles-25l-premium-srlb25_P3010343.aspx?filter=categoryname--Potting+Mix&sort=alphabeticaldesc  this is the exact soil.


bag seed


water ph. 6.5   pot size im not sure but its large enough for now. just transplanted it last week.


lights 2 cfl 23 w.  6400k ones. (getting more)


haven't got a temp gauge yet its coming of ebay soon and so is my fan.


soil ph is 7( not sure how to bring it down).


this is my 1st indoor grow and got a bad seed a few months ago so I thought I would try it, so I can learn.



please be kind as I am new and don't  no a lot.



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Generally speaking, yellowing from the bottom up = needs more nitrogen.


Mind you, the photos are so bad that it isn't possible to tell if there is anything else going on that might be causing the symptoms. Try stepping back and taking a photograph from a distance the device (eg camera, phone, tablet) can handle.


You mention the soil is "pearles"... I can't find any references to Pearles potting mix, do you mean "Searles"? If it's Searles, which variety is it? Some of the Searles range have fertiliser added to them while others don't.

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As potting mix goes searles premium is relatively good, but still not perfect.  There are a couple of guys here that do use it, and I am also going to be using it this season, but not simply by itself, you do need to improve it for cannabis to get good results, the other guys would be best for advice on how to do that, I am just experimenting for my particular situation at this stage.  Agree with Buzzo about knowing exactly what you are feeding, and this is one problem with searles premium mix, it has slow release fertiliser added.  Whilst it is obvious that it is not sufficient for the nitrogen needs of your plant at this stage, you still need to be careful of making the soil too hot, particularly as your plant is still small, so adding fertilisers could get a little tricky.  Do some research on the guys that have grown with it and try to find out how they addressed the issues, or as Buzzo said, go to a hydroponic medium to give yourself more control.


Your lights will work, but they wont produce fantastic growth or be sufficient for a good yield.  If you want to grow under CFL, grab an 80watt Phillips and reflector, they seem to work ok.  If you are worried about cold, try running your lights overnight while it is colder.  Good luck with it, and if it all goes horribly wrong don't give up, it happens to most of us early on

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Thanks for the new pics. Considering the time of year and the lighting, the plants look ok... well they look like they need a feed and the Power Feed should do the trick. You may run into trace element shortages further down the track using only Power Feed, but the solution is quite cheap... grab a bottle of sea weed extract and give them some of that once every few waterings.


To keep them warmer most of us run the lighting overnight, with seedlings, vegging plants and autos you don't need to provide darkness. Darkness is only absolutely necessary during flowering for photperiod sensitive plants.

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yeah ty vm.

I have been running 24/7 sicne it popped.  I got the powerfeed koz it needed nitrogen I think. I will get some better stuff, if any recommendations let me no.

 any advice would be good.


and noticed the leaves up top are getting brown on the edge. is that from lack of nitrogen. or is it something else.





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