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My Plant Is Dead

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thank you thank you


what happen was is that i over feed it, and the next day i put it out in the woods and it didnt get much sun (all the fan leaves turned in to a rust color, and they are burning off, then the 2 days after that, we got 7 inches of rain, now the plant is all bent over and sad looking, the ferts might well be drained all out, but now the roots seem pretty wet. :angry:

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:wacko: No shit when I first got into growing , I sucked did a lot

of shit wrong .. My plants still grew over 4 And a half feet tall &

had a few buds but I had major light leakes & a fucked up timmer

if was doomed but as time moved on so did my passion for growing

& now I can say I can earn my keep . By reading , posting , asking questions , shit like that . Now I'm a Moderaton on another site

& can grow just about anything , my family on my wifes side all

ways bring there sick plants 2 me .. & most don't even have a clue

that o'l jonny chempo has a big crush on Mj ..


But my point is ................. you can doit brother .peace

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