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Vine ripening and no water before harvest?

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Hi there stoners,

Just after some info from anybody who has used a vine ripening method (as in leaving plant in ground not just buds on stem) and no water before harvest technique.


Second hand info is appreciated but personel experiences would be better, i want to know how long you starved of water, if you have done side by sides, how much weight is lost from starving if any, wether there was any noticeable gains of quality, was drying time reduced, was taste affected, was potency affected and anything else you may wish to add,

Thanks in advance OS, bong on....

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outdoors i used too not water for 2 weeks prior to harvesting indoors never tried . 


i used to have a thread here called "2 weeks out from harvest methodology" but its been locked due to the age of the thread have a read of it through there alot of peoples opinon in that .


hope this helps  

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the right conditions might encourage a plant to be more productive, indoor will always have more oil than outdoor (same genetics) beaue indoor can control everything.

Starving a plant forces it to use its own resources during the last days. This will mean there will be less chlorophil in the leaves at harvest, producing a more flavoursome bud.

Im not sure about 'shocking' a plant where or not that really works or not

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Cheers d.r.s.d your threads got some great info.

Any one else got anything to add?

Im thinking ill do a side by side this season and leave one in the ground with no water for 2-4 weeks and water and pick one as normal. The idea was put in my head from an old guy who claims he used to grow the goods back in the day and this was his method, im not sure if hes a bullshit artist or not and ive never seen or smoked anything hes grown so i guess ill see for myself.

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