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Showing sex , switched to 12 12 by mistake for " 1 " day Pic

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I didn't think it poss to see signs of sex after only 1 day of 12 12


On Monday i started gettin a lill impatient & thinking switching to

12 12 & back again to find out sex was a good idea,


so unplugged the digital timer to set a second group for 12 12

& plugged back in, the bright spark i am left it on group 2 ,

so at 6pm lights out & I'm not home 


Walked in bout 15min till lights out & lights already out , 


shit tit bum fuck asshole 


i had changed my mind to taking clones to find out sex

But after only 1 day i now know sex , lights came on at 6 am

the next morn i thought I'd just have a sticky beak & there they were 


Has anyone experienced this show of sex after only 1 dark period of 12hrs

& strait back to veg cycle  



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dude shes a girl but that didnt happen over night. she has been showing you her sex for a while now. once plants reach maturity they start to show preflowers whether they are under 12/12 or not. usually takes around 4-6 weeks from seed and is usually quicker with clones

Thanks FIWH , your right of cause , i haven't got an eye for picking pre flowers as yet at the time they show ,

i thought these plants showed sex after only one day because i was vegging under 15 / 9 ( Electricity Tight Ass ) 

a little to close to 12 / 12 maybe ?


Yer I'm a happy pappy to 4 girls & a boy , 

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Even if you are vegging 24/0 a plant will show preflowers once it's mature. More likely that the one short day just happened to coincide with when you noticed the preflowers.

Right , ok , so what would be the outcome do you think of these plants being planted outdoors say end sept early oct ( +/- 12:30 daylight hours at that time )

will they go a little to far into flower before realizing the days are getting longer ?


I was concerned that after seeing signs in just 1 day, what was going to happen outside sept/oct 12:30 hrs would they go to far into flower

But i think & hope your right just happened to coincide 

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In Victoria, if you put vegging plants outside now they will begin to flower... signs may be slow to show considering the cold, but they will flower until the end of October... I usually see the first visible signs of revegetation about mid November (indica doms).


If I have plants outside flowering through spring I usually just cut the buds when they start to stretch out and let the stump reveg. If you leave all the growth on the plant when it reverts to vegetative growth you can end up with one M.F. BIG Plant come the autumn.

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