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PGR'S are poison?

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hey guys


so im trying to find out are pgrs poison? i was in my local the other day and i happened apon a pgr on the shop counter (name withheld) that said POISON on the label. even in a hydroponics store! is this for real? the stuff isnt bought to grow tulips im sure... the shop owner said it was fine for use but i figured that to get passed government regulation whats on the label must be true? no? or am i crazy? i dont  use or need the stuff myself. ( why the fu$%k would i ). so im just here because im curious and kinda suprised.

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It's said to be carcinogenic, but I would imagine the poison warning is more to do with oral consumption rather than smoking the product grown with it.  It grows big heavy buds, ideal for commercial operations, but they are low on resin and weak as piss, and require other chemicals to up resin production.  If you've smoked shit tasting weak wet buds, you've probably had it.  Avoid it like the plague.

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Plant Growth Regulators.

Bottom line, it's not natural. If you want to grow medicine, organic is pretty much it, if you want to take the hydroponic route to grow medicine, you would strive to obtain organic nutes, and flush for at least a week pre-harvest.

If your growing for profit, then you don't really give a fuck about the consumer and grow for yield, PGR's, over fertilising and under flushing,(if any), fast drying and no curing being among your repertoire of deciet. Good luck to ya's.

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