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Lighting set-ups/electricity costs

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Hi all,

          I am a long time fan of this forum and am becoming increasingly interested in setting up a small hydro set-up.


All information on here is extremely helpful,but the thing i would like to know is how much does it cost in electricity prices to run, say a 600hps system or similar with all associated equipment with this system.


I am aware elec prices vary so an estimate would be greatly appreciated weather it be price per quarter or yearly.


                         Thanks...The Wiz :twiddle:

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Hi wiz

might want to check how much your electricity costs per kW first.

Then determine how many hours per day you will have the light on for? 18-24hrs for vegetative growth or 12 hours per day for flowering.

Then you can work it out like this example:


Vegetative grow room - 18hours on 6 hours off lighting per day, 1 x 600wHPS lamp, 29 cents per kW flat rate.


18hrs of light x 0.6kW = 10.8kW per day




10.8kW x 29 cents/p/kW = $3.132 per day


then $3.132 x 90 days = $281.88 per quarter


thats how i get an estimate of how my bill will look so I know that I will not get looked at as being suspicious


I think there is a calculator in the cannaversity that does the hard work for you:


http://cannaversity.com/calculators/electrical.php   <--- try that one

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Thanks Chato,Johnsy, and all,


                                                Perfect info,have to get my arse movin now to get set up..

                                                                                                                                           Cheers :egyptdance:

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Before I moved in with the mrs, she had a boarder. When the boarder and I had a barney, she moved out.

After she was gone I setup my initial room.

The power costs were approximately the same for the room as having an extra person living in the house. 


Hope that helps


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