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Bush bagseed adventure!

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;hey all, thought id post a small log, i had one before but had to higher ambitions.


so this time around ill have 2 or 3 plants of bagseed, and maybe 1 clone later on.

this is a guerilla grow, im hoping to check them once or twice a week,

at the moment ive got 6 plants under a 125w cfl, im only going to put the strongest 2 out and scrap the rest. they are all between 2 to 3 weeks old.

the first two is the strongest but only 2 and a half weeks old


before i watered..



the day after 



the second strongest and is the youngest out of the six



ill update as often as i can, 

take it easy and blaze up!! :)

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May all your bagseed be fem, Kushy, best of luck.

Looking good so far, good luck with the bagseed lottery.  Go the Aussie outdoor guerilla, I reckon Attenborough should do a documentary on us.

yeah its pot luck but hope all goes well, cheers guys!


sir hashy; now that would be something worth watching :P haha


ill update shortly on the babys and post a few pics, only checked them.

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hey all, just some pics of progress. :) these two are from different bagseed.


the second best. going nicely considering its the youngest.



the best baby.



also noticed that the best one has also started getting lateral branches in the last 24 hours.



the both of them together. i think i should name these two ;)



in 2 or 3 weeks time im hoping to go out to the plot. my plan is to turn over 3mx3m for each plant,and dig a hole in the centre for the plants and add some potting mix in with the original soil in the hole then add some blone and bone and lime and mix it trough and leave to settle in until the plants are ready to go out. 


ill just be carting water out with me, unless i take a res out to catch rainwater..


thats all for now i think, until next time. 

take it easy all! :) KKUSHMAN.

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just gave them a water tonight, all is going well, two have started branching now :)


was talking to a mate that grows indoor today, hes giving me two clones when the time comes. its a very very nice smoke!

so at least ill have two guaranteed shes ;)


be back later,have a good one all! :)

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just an update, i scrapped the 3 little ones and have the 3 best left, also have a seed from somekiller smoke i got the other week, just waiting for it to germ..


ill be force flowering the 3 ive got this week to detrermine sex. hopefully all females..


ill update pics tonight everyone :)

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