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a few questions on revegging seedlings in early flower.

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Hey everyone. I live in the tropics so its pretty much 12/12 light hours outdoors all year round. I started a few seeds in the veggie patch which have struggled along slowly, they have shown sex and seem to have gone into lockdown a bit. I finally got around to setting up the tent yesterday so the four of them are now under a 600w MH in a cool tube on 18/6.  they are getting fed seasol powerfeed for now, untill me flairform green dream nutes get here. I was unimpressed with canna coco so I thought i'd try something new

Should i wait for them to grow a bit and tip them? or should i just leave them?

we've had an especially cold winter up here so ive set it up in the shed which is shaded and the roof is insulated but im still getting temps up to 29.8 during the day. ive used this same setup in the summer getting temps up to 35 degrees and had a resonably good result. the only thing is the heat and humidity make the bud go fluffy. has anyone else had this experience?

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How tall are they at the moment? If they are a decent height and have 4+ nodes then they should be fine to top (I assume that's what you mean by 'tip'?)


If they have less than 4 nodes I would leave them for a bit until they have at least 4 nodes. Topping too early can lead to really stringy looking plants.

Revegging from a flowering state may also take a while for the plants to revert to the veg state as well (I have heard it may take up to 6 weeks or so in some cases, if they're still very small it might even be worth while to start over).


High heat will definitely cause fluffy/airy buds and will reduce both yield and potency. Try to keep temps always under 30 degrees celsius at the canopy level during veg and under 25 ish during flowering (the only exception to this is if you have a lot of co2 - in which case they can tolerate up to 35 celsius max and that's also kind of strain dependant).


Also, I'm just wondering what you didn't like about canna coco nutes? or did you mean canna coco the medium?


Good luck!

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I think tipping should only be done if height is otherwise uncontrollable.   The light cycle triggers hormonal changes in the plant which determines what kind of growth goes on.  When you start to revege a plant you are essentially forcing an unnatural reversal of these hormones which can take a fair amount of time which is somewhat proportional to how long they were flowered for.  Generally speaking you can expect the revege to take as long as you have flowered for so 2 weeks into flowering will require 2 weeks of 18/6 before the new growth is vegetative instead of floral.  This greatly depends on the strain, growing environment,  etc. But generally speaking thats what you can expect.

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Thanks guys. they have about 3 nodes at the moment they do have a few tiny growths on those nodes but we'll just have to wait and see. ill germinate some new seeds just in case.

keeping temps under 25 during flowering isnt much of an option. i can keep it under 30 degrees just but thats it, Ive got untill late september after then it gets too hot.

it will have to do untill next year when i have a climate controled room for it all.

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