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DWC nutrients for autoflowers?

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G'day everyone, I'm setting up my first DWC grow and was wondering if anyone has any information on what nutrients I should be using for autoflowers? I've been searching everywhere but can't seem to find a clear guideline. If anyone could help me out or even just point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Thanks for the tip Chatto.


So just straight veg nutes from day 1 Nicci? Or do you wait a little while? Also do you mind sharing with me what your ideal EC and PH measurements would be throught the different stages of growth? Or where I could find this information? Thanks for the quick reply!

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I'm far from an expert but I treat it like a standard photoperiod. I use 1/4 strength nutes once the first set of true leaves show, half strength at 2nd set and move to full strength at 3rd set. I don't follow EC too much but by week 3 I'm usually around 1.6 if things are looking good (NB I count my weeks from first feed).


Hopefully buzzo or shroomy will chime in with more details (they're the auto kings around here)


EDIT: 5.8 for ph

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Me for autos I try to feed them from day one and during veg ph of 5.8 , and flowering around 6 to 6.1ph I don't use an EC meter but I flush every third or forth feed .

Few other little secrets but you will work it out that's half the fun !!

I find photo plants a bit easier than autos to grow though !! autos can hae a tendecy to be very finicky if you don't know the basics ! This is my opinion but I'm sure others have there's I never grown DWC before all the best

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I know this is an old topic, but Im about to start some autos in dwc and am looking for the same basic info about feed schedules ec and ph ect.


The strain is automatic afrodite, from kannabia seeds

Im growing in 20L buckets, with a big airstone in each, under 400W hps

theres no flow between buckets, I plan to just empty them once a week and remix new neuts

medium is hydroton

Im considering using dutchmaster gold A B neuts?

Any pointers?

shroom?  :twiddle:

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