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Why the long cure?

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hey guys can someone please make sense to me why its recommended to cure over 3 weeks say as apposed to a faster snap dry?


i keep reading different information.


as i understand it, a long slow cure make the buds taste better right? but at the same time i read that curing over this time and exposing to air only speeds up the rapid conversion of thc into something else ( not psychoactive ).


what gives?


and a snap dry might mean that although the bud tastes not as nice it would be potentially stronger?



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 I am not all that experienced but i find the stone changes a bit as the buds cure in the 1st few weeks .

What i smoke now that has been only curing for a week hits me a harder then it did 1 week ago when it was dry before curing . I found this every grow .

  Maybe the cure helps with how it burns therefor utilizing more thc with in the bud being smoked .


 Now cure some buds for 6 + months the smell and taste improve alot . 1 strain i did last year smelt very very different after 6 months was so much nicer more flovour ,smoother amazing smell .

Imo only people who grow for themselves have ever really seen a well cured product . Any commercial stuff would not sit around long enough for this to happen .


When i day comes ( if it ever does ) that cannabis is legal and can be purchased from a shop there will be top shelf products just like with whiskeys , wine etc I am sure there will be a market for connoisseurs to purchase well cured quality buds .   

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 Well i am no scientist but meant that as resins and oils  within the plant start to break down and change we see different results within the consumed product . Adding heat will have different reaction at different stages due to oils and resins .

That is my uneducated , knuckle dragging , stoned out thought of the subject :) .

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All good things take time, The lesson MJ can teach you is patience.

Rushing a herb is no way to go. a slow dry/cure in a dark place, over an intial 14 days then into an AIR TIGHT container for another 3 months.

After you put the buds into the air tight container youll need to open the jar each day for about 10 minutes- ish for about a week.


If you've spent 3 months or more growing this then rushing it at the end is tragick. All that lost potential. Its not just the taste you are missing out on, but potency as well.

Google curing cannabanoids, and have a read at whats going on. Im sure you'll find it worth the wait.

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during the curing process chlorophyl breaks down into sugars etc. this is why with a good long cure the buds will actually change colour and go a little brown or golden. the flavour is increased because chlorophyl is actually quite harsh and bad tasting, there are also other changes going on as mentioned some terpenes may change and some degredation of THC will occur although the degredation of THC is minimal and many think actually think that there weed gers more potent. this could be true because its important to remember that THC isnt working alone to get you high. there are also other compounds within your buds such as THCV and THCA.


this is where it gets complicated because THCA is non psychoactive and is found in large amounts in undried buds, however during the drying and curing process it is decarboxylated into THC making it psychoactive.


there are surely other reactions going on which i dont know about but in the end it simply comes down to cured weed is smoother tastes better and IMO and many others has a much better high. whether its stronger or not is up for debate but i definitely think the character of the high is improved after a cure.

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If you are impatient however, there is nothing wrong with making hash with fresh or semi fresh buds. Takes less time to dry/cure hash though I know that some nepalese hash is buried underground to "ferment" for months to even years. But gosh there is nothing like a perfectly cured bud though right. Aesthetically a perfectly cured nug glistening in the light and wafting out the most beautiful smell is just....just.....dandy :D

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