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Aeroponics assistance or advice

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Just a minor query about aeroponics. Curious if anybody has had any luck cultivating cannabis (or any other plant) aeroponically. I'm sure cannabis would love an intensely oxygenated nutrient rich medium. Any suggestions relating to simple techs on getting the job done i'd appreciate it a LOT. I know sfa about aeroponics. Noob tecz would be sufficient.


I was given some super skunk seeds from a mate and would like to try something unique, not related to soilless mediums like coco/perlite. INPUT PEOPLES!? thanks.



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well i haven't done much in the way of aeroponics but was starting to experiment in those areas before an unfortunate encounter with the fuzz i was utilizing spare area in my room with 250mm pvc pipe layed on its side with 50mm holes every 300mmm i ued those little baskets they use in the nft drain tubes which are 50mm in diameter and roughly 60mm deep which leaves 190mm airspace i would pump a trickle of water every 30mins for 5mins each end of pipe blocked off of course one with drain of 25mm size approx 10mm off bottom to leave a little for the plants if they need. i would stick any excess rooted clones which i would make sure i had several to choose from and let turn to head at the same time as my other mature plants had the space use it. it worked exceptionaly well growing 600ml coke bottle sized nugs of white rino x ? in 9 weeks my only problem was the root system went balistc and blocked my drain off in 4wks and flooded my room with over 200ltrs of water so constant checking of the roots and drain will be needed i will say it works and very well the only other problem is stability of the plant as there not much to support the plant but easily overcome with simple ingenuity its not quite true areoponics but as close as i got for throwing in extra system in an already working room hope this helps
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