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Low humidity problem in Melb winter

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Hi all.


First grow here and I'm having low humidity issues that are causing my 2 week seedlings leaves to turn brown and crispy. My temp/humidity gauge doesn't record Humidity below 30% (I know it's crap!) so it's showing blank all the time however a bowl of water and a room humidifier haven't solved the prob. Maybe my exhust fan is too strong for my small grow?


this must be common in Melb for this time of year? Any suggestions?



.5 x .5 x.8 grow tent

Coco medium



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What temps you got BH? Do you have a heat mat or a seedling tray with cover? Sounds to me your seedlings may be to damper soil tho Im no expert having lost a few.

I have low humidity in my lil veg box for seedlings tho i have them in a humidity crib for first cpl of weeks from pop. Just misting now and then making sure the soil/peat is not too wet. Also on a heat may this time of year. Sounds a bit of over kill with a humidifier in such a small area IMO.

Are you using nutes yet or seasol? It's easy to over love them in the first cpl of weeks.


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Hi guys,


Temps are around 25, I haven't given any nutes yet but I think I did over water in the first week.


A heatmat sounds like a good idea, I lost most of the first lot of seedlings. Where did you get the heatmat from? Also a crib for seedlings sounds good.


Totally agree a humidifier in a small tent seems like over kill however it still didn't get to Hum above 30%

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I have a propagating box with a heating element built in, works a treat... $40 bummings.

...coming into their own this time of year  too! Did you have to purchase the heat-mat separately Louise?


I'll second that Lou, they are an awesome little unit:-)attachicon.gif1372173007537.jpg

Whatchoo got in there Der Burner? lol  I like the 4 vents on yours-I only got a cheapy with 2 and about 17 crackes n chips outta him lol


Bhiss - Maybe a tray or vessel of water outside your intake as well as in for now-and I also think the 250 straight up in there would dry them out.  Oh, I found out too that them mites love it low- vigilance lol


Peace to you and all the best for the grow. v :sun:

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I'll second that Lou, they are an awesome little unit:-)

That they are Burner... quite awesome. 


Did you have to purchase the heat-mat separately Louise?

It's built into the plastic base of the prop box. If you have a look at Burner's pic you might notice there is a power cord ;)


They also come with a piece of capillary matting (sits in the bottom of the tray) which, if kept moist, will help keep the humidity up.

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