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Pain relief, a fail.

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Hey guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but a very recent, and excruciatingly painful discovery has been made by the Burner. Cannabis has the undisputed ability to effectively relieve pain of various forms. But I now know of one form of pain that cannabis has absolutely no effect on. Toothache. I swear, no matter how many cones I pulled, the pain did not dissipate in any way, shape or form. Right now, i'm dosed to the gills on codeine, feeling pretty fucking average, but no longer in agony. The wonderful thing is, every bong is bliss at the moment, not a smidge of pain for at least five minutes, that's only twelve cones an hour:-)
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I found for me it would make it less predominant. I unfortunately had a tooth that was bad enough to start causing an infection in the gum and phantom pains, I found after a few cones the pain would be there if I thought about it but if I stayed distracted or occupied the cannabis allowed the pain to sit unnoticed until I actively thought of it or did something to stir it up again.


But yeah depending what you've got going on you could be experiencing some pretty raw nerve pain, I dont envy you at all.... Good luck on the pain management burner, hope it gets sorted for you

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codine wont do shit for it trust me i had a tooth pulled and it shattered in my mouth leaving fragments of tooth in my gum for the next 6 weeks 


go to the pharmacy and get some of this stuff http://www.pharmacyonline.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/4093?gclid=CK2xwozR8rcCFcVKpgodFjcAPQ


Oral-eze emergency toothache medicine safety sheet thingy > http://www.mydr.com.au/medicines/cmis/oral-eze-dental-emergency-toothache-medication



its some crazy mix of herbs cloves and benzocaine i think .... yes its stinks and tastes like cloves but it helps immensely .... if you have a cavity dab this shit on a bit of cotton wool  and shove in there or use a earbud thing and dab it around your tooth and gum area.


this stuff will instantly numb the area pretty damn well



trust me unless your allergic to cloves and or 'caine' medicines DO IT!

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Yes i know, except there's no benzocain


What are the possible side effects of benzocaine topical?


Signs and symptoms may occur within minutes or up to 2 hours after using benzocaine topical in the mouth or throat. GET EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF YOU HAVE:

  • headache, tired feeling, confusion;
  • fast heart rate;
  • feeling light-headed or short of breath; and
  • pale, blue, or gray appearance of your skin, lips, or fingernails.

Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Stop using benzocaine topical and call your doctor at once if you have any of these other serious side effects:

  • headache, weakness, dizziness, breathing problems, fast heart rate, and gray or bluish colored skin (rare but serious side effects of benzocaine);
  • severe burning, stinging, or sensitivity where the medicine is applied;
  • swelling, warmth, or redness; or
  • oozing, blistering, or any signs of infection.

Less serious side effects may include:

  • mild stinging, burning, or itching where the medicine is applied;
  • skin tenderness or redness; or
  • dry white flakes where the medicine was applied.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Read the Americaine (benzocaine) Side Effects Center for a complete guide to possible side effects »


What is the most important information I should know about benzocaine topical?


There are many brands and forms of benzocaine topical available and not all brands are listed on this leaflet.

Signs and symptoms of methemoglobinemia may occur within minutes or up to 2 hours after using benzocaine topical in the mouth or throat. GET EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS: headache, tired feeling, confusion, fast heart rate, and feeling light-headed or short of breath, with a pale, blue, or gray appearance of your skin, lips, or fingernails.

Do not use benzocaine topical if you have ever had methemoglobinemia in the past.

Use the smallest amount of this medication needed to numb the skin or relieve pain. Do not use large amounts of benzocaine topical, or cover treated skin areas with a bandage or plastic wrap without medical advice. Be aware that many cosmetic procedures are performed without a medical doctor present.

Your body may absorb more of this medication if you use too much, if you apply it over large skin areas, or if you apply heat, bandages, or plastic wrap to treated skin areas. Skin that is cut or irritated may also absorb more topical medication than healthy skin.

Before using benzocaine topical, tell your doctor if you have any type of inherited enzyme deficiency, heart disease, a breathing disorder such as asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema, or if you smoke.


If you are treating a sore throat, call your doctor if the pain is severe or lasts longer than 2 days, especially if you also develop a fever, headache, skin rash, swelling, nausea, vomiting, cough, or breathing problems.


About Clove oil and how it works

This medicine is a traditional remedy that temporarily relieves toothache that has been caused by a dental cavity. Clove oil has a local anaesthetic effect and temporarily numbs and relieves the pain.

This medicine is available in the form of a gel which is applied sparingly and directly into the aching tooth cavity. Do not apply the gel on to the gums or the mouth as it may cause irritation. It should not be used continuously.

Consult your dentist as soon as possible as this medicine only gives temporary relief.

Before using Clove oil

This medicine may not be suitable for everyone and some people must never have it. Check the leaflet that comes with your medicine to make sure that the medicine is suitable before having it.

Always get advice from a healthcare professional before having this medicine if:

  • you are allergic or sensitive to or have had a reaction to any of the ingredients in the medicine
  • this medicine is for an infant
  • you have an abscess

Medicines interactions

If you are taking more than one medicine they may interact with each other. This medicine is unlikely to have any important interactions. But speak to your pharmacist or doctor if you get any unusual symptoms while having this medicine with other medicines.

Possible side effects of Clove oil

This medicine is not likely to cause any side-effects. If you have side-effects or have any other worrying symptoms while you are having the medicine, seek medical advice.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

This medicine is not known to cause any problems during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. However, as with all medicines, you should seek medical advice from your doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Other important information

Make sure that you read the leaflet that comes with your medicine to check what dose you should apply and if there is anything that you need to do if you apply more than the recommended dose. If you are in any doubt about whether this medicine is suitable for you, speak to your dentist or pharmacist.

Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.

This medicine may be available under brand names including:

Dentogen Clove Oil Gel

Content provided by Datapharm

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Thanks for the info, believe me, if it could be treated topically, I would have done it, but the situation is this, pre existing broken tooth, infection in nerve and abcess on gum, temperature is through the roof, indicating that infection has set in.

The treatment being abtibiotics, for the infection, paracetamol for the fever and codeine for the pain. Due to the infection, won't be smoking for a couple of days, feel like absolute shite, but noticing the swelling is going down, and pain is bearable at the moment, without any need for chemical relief, but that will change, once the sun goes down, the cold is killing it!

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Hey Burner,

That sounds pretty bad.

If you have an infection and swelling, you need to fix the infection. My teeth were crap, result of too many powders when I was younger, and they fell apart. I ignored it and ignored it a bit more, then I paid and paid for it dearly (I only have 8 teeth left the rest are false and cost me thousands). The infections were, minimal at first but they increased HUGELY. You say its starting to get better, the body may fight it, but if you leave it the infection will return bigger and stronger, they'll need to give you stronger antibiotics to control the infection. My advice get it under control now.


I use canna as part of my pain management along with codeine, oxycodone, temazapam and MS Contin. Now I say 'as part of' so its a combination thing. Also my pain is not from an infection. Infection pain is a warning, where my pain is due to an injury. My pain kills my appetite, canna helps with the 'munchies'. In pain, all Im concentrating on is pain, canna allows me to divert my attention from the pain so I can function. The contin, codiene and codone kill the pain, kill the stomach, and kill the mind so much, in high doses, I cant function at all. Canna allows me to manage with less "Co's" and still function


As ugly as dentists are and despite the fact that they charge like wounded bulls, you need to see one and by the sounds of it you needed to see him yesterday.

You could, if you ignore it long enough, end up in hospital with a septicaemia infection, which in severe cases can kill.




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Feel for you bro, I have had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out, the last one shattered and had 4 big Fing roots 2.5hrs in the chair... try swallowing a few canna-edibles, some psylium husk, a shit load of raw garlic, drink plenty of water and try to sleep as much as possible.. Get well soon



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