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So I recently received a couple of seedlings from a friend, and they have been extremely healthy ever since I chucked them in my yard. One of the plants is apparently New York City Diesel from Soma seeds (heavy indica) and the other is a random strain (hybrid). They are currently in there 3rd week and are going great. They have grown quicker than I expected and have great plant structure. The NYCD is going off and I expect great things from it, very exited to watch its progress. I'm living in Far North Queensland and have a couple of questions regarding my grow time. I plan to keep this grow 100% organic and outdoor. Its currently in my backyard where it receives quite abit of light but I'm moving it this Saturday to a more protected and sunny area. I am also going to FIM both plants this weekend for a bulkier harvest. Where I live it doesnt really get to cold, but the weather is definitely colder this winter. I am wondering when these plants are most likely to start flowering as I am leaving in 8 months. Im hoping to grow them for another 8 weeks or so but I dont expect them to start budding for another 5 months due to this weather. Would definitely like to know what you think, and if there are any possible ways to force them into flower.

Yellow bucket (random strain)
Black pot (New York City Diesel)




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Hey mate you have some great strains but limited info. Cannabis plants will flower due to the shorter day times, this is called winter equinox which is when the light in the day time is getting less and less and longer dark periods. You ultimately want them to be a decent size plant when they are put outside when its spring equinox which is when you have more light in the day then darkness. This is normally around grand final day AFL, but because the seasons are delayed getting pushed forward so instead of summer starting around nov it's delayed a month or so what I call climate change.


Ultimately you have good strains but what you are doing is turning them into an auto as such in the way that in will bud right away not growing two big.


I would suggest rigging a small cupboard to support a 80w veg light and let them babies have 18 hours of light and 6 off wait till spring equinox and then plant outside, by then they should be able to go straight in to the ground so dig nice hole buy some Mullies put them in your hole bit of water then Mullies straight on top then make a mix of organic nute solution


Goodluck haze

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Hey man, thanks for the pointers. I would really like to set up a little hydro cupboard, but I don't really have the money at the moment, Also I'm living in a share house and my housemates don't smoke weed so I'm not sure how it would go down with them. For the mean time im just going to let them do there own thing and see what happens.
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