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Cannas guide to seed shopping

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So you've had it with your local dealer and or the police have made it impossible to find a smoke. You have a pocket full of cash and your not high (and you have enough sence to STAY AWAY from syntetic alternatives)

I noticed it was with some haste that 'someone' posted up.

"So what the cheepest good soil that will keep a plant alive"

satified with their research they signed off headed for Bunnings.

It got me thinking if I could say something to that keen as HIGHLY motivated individual...

Growing your own will be the most satifying experince? defn smoke you will have do and have.

However, if you have cracked a 'bag seed'; somethign that 'found you' along the way. Then that bean is something worth learning on. The very next thing you want to do is go SEED SHOPPING.

B4 there is really anything about you to look at, because there are two things that you are groing.

1 Plants

2 Your grow.

Sure as shit what you are doing now is the small beginings, everyone has a celing of oportunity. with more opportunity comes a bigger better setup. Its inevitable and its the only thing thats ADDICTIVE about weed is growing weed!


I tried to find a link to the Shameless epp where the Dude tries to explain to his wife why he has a basment full of weed.

"There are all just too beautiful, I couldn't choose"


but I found this insted http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249443/Jody-Latham-Shameless-actor-cries-spared-jail-growing-cannabis-ex-girlfriends-house.html

lol, 'sofisticated'

Edit: read smoke reviews get an idea of the different kinds of varieties amoung the two different strains you can choose from.

Looking for Competion winners and reading why they won might be a good place to start.

With most things 'Fresh is Best' so you can expect a shelf life and a certain failure rate, so get  few of them 5minimum

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