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Mylar tape

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Hi all,


Rejigged my globe for horizontal placement in my grow drobe and it all looks good n all but i've got the globe abit too close to the roof and it's getting a bit toasted! (the roof)


Can I put a few strips of Mylar tape up above the globe on the roof to stop the wood getting burnt or will the tape eventually get frazzled as well?





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Hey John,

How do I put this nicely, the roof is getting toasted? That is straight out bloody dangerous, the next result is fire.

The mylar tape may reduce the transfer heat but once the tape heats up the transfer will be direct. DANGER, DANGER, DANGER.

You need to reduce the heat, my advice would be a reflected cooltube with ducting and a fan to remove that hot air.

The light will still be available to your plant but without the heat, yes it will cost more but in a drobe space, mylar aint gonna cut it IMHO

And safety should come first. Sorry to say it but, that just aint safe.



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Doc could be right about the extraction fan, but how close are we talking to be "a bit toasted". How many centimetres we talking between light and roof.

Also what sort of shade are you using, I have a couple here that have 2 sheets of metal with air in between. The air acts like an heat insulator, you can touch the top without too much heat, sure its warm, but not hot.

You could use a fan, but for efficiency you'd need it to be blowing direct on the bulb or around the bulb to remove all that heat directly, hence the cooltube idea. 



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