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Light Reflector Importance

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Sorry if this has been covered previously but...


How important is light reflection?

I know it is a must have but where should one draw the line regarding how big/fancy/expensive to buy?


How do cool tubes compare to glass sealed units and how much of a temp difference can someone expect between these and traditional reflector?


Is there any advantage to using reflective material under the canopy if light can penetrate it?

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All reflectors do the same job, some like cool tubes have other benefits,  but at the end of the day its all about reflecting light back towards the plants.  The real challenge is finding one that suits your needs.  If you for example have a small tent and want a 400w light in there you're probably going to need a ducted reflector.   Whether you get a cool tube or one of the bigger shades with a glass bottom will depend on how much space is available to you, whether you're running the bulb vertically or horizontally,  etc.


As for reflective material under the plants I wouldnt worry about it.  The light will be pretty weak at that point and wont really add to the plants rate of growth or anything.  It wont hurt and will potentially stop that green algae shit growing though so its probably worth doing anyway. 

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