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cloning on no budget and no effort

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Just over a month ago I checked some plants and I was like I might give cloning ago without any real idea or knowledge how to.

I cut three low growing growths plant was about two weeks into flowering.

I got a Chinese plastic food container filled up with water and cut three holes in it and cut some Styrofoam up and cut three holes and sat it on top of the container, then placed the off cuts into the holes.

changed the water every 1-3 days to keep the water fresh as I don't have an air bubbler.

But 3 weeks later I transferred them to soil as I didn't see any growth but they weren't dieing.

now its been two weeks and I transfer them to a bit bigger pots and the roots have grown they look okay getting light green new growth and some of the older leaves are dieing but so far so good I think.

there located in the car port they only getting direct sunlight for an he maybe two, its not dark or anything best results I could of got as I thought for sure they would die and not grow.

Has anyone else done this or similar?

Did it work or not.

I will post picture at a later date.

I'm not sure if I took any from the start.

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Great story Fuzzi.. I'd be interested to hear how they do.. After my first attempt I was very suprised how simple a process it was also.. I've never had much success from cutts Ive taken after the girls go into flower... little things want to flower themselves and takes weeks longer to get em back into a grow rhythm.. K.I.S.S is the best applied method for sucess when it comes to having a green thumb.. Everyone has their way and if it works well stick to it.. Myself, I like to use a small square 10x10cm of grow wool, wet it once, put it somewhere it gets indirect light and dont touch it until roots show.. depending on temps sometimes up to 4 weeks.. Then straight into a DWC bucket to get its grow on :sdj:


Keep ya fingers GREEN



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You've re-done grannies glass of water on the window sill trick, an oldie but a goodie. If you cover the glass with alfoil to block the sunlight roots should show around 10 days, no need to change the water. Poke a tiny hole in the alfoil, drop the cutting in, hey presto! cloning grandma style :xcited:

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I have placed cuttings in a cup of plain tap water with a cple of drops of seasol and had roots in two weeks. Left in bottom of veg room and had forgotten all about them. Wasn't expecting it to work as was a clear plastic childrens cup but produced the goods. like bufo said prob better to block light out.
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