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SW Qld Winter Greenhouse Grow

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Hello there my fellow gentle green thumbs,

Its that time of the year again, and those with the thought of a quickie winter crop had best have there plans (and plants) well underway. My own preparations have actually been slowly building up for some months now and I feel confident I should go fairly well. My only real concern is that I have decided to attempt a greenhouse grow for the first time, in order to beat the frost we get every year here. When I say greenhouse, I should probably really say "Green tent". It's basically just some rope strung tightly between some convenient trees, a big roll of clear plastic sheet, purchased from bunnings for $1.50 a metre, and a roll of duct tape. It may not be the prettiest, but it should do the job just fine. I am concerned about humidity levels in the tent. Can anyone tell me what the ideal humidity levels should be? Anyone with any tips or tricks to greenhouse (tent) growing that they would be willing to share with me would be greatly appreciated.



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Yea, I'm figuring I will need to monitor closely and try to find a balance between circulation vents and temperature retention. One idea I have been considering is, putting in the irrigation system, then laying thin rubber matting down across the entire floor and just cutting a hole for each plant. I'm thinking it could reduce while still allowing for warm air to be trapped. I Dunno, never tried it. Wat do yez all reckon?
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Apologies, thank you for the info, and for taking the time to reply to my post. It was remiss of me not to have said so in my last post. Got so excited that someone replied to my post that I forgot my manners. Sincere apologies.

No worries dave... we're not that formal here.

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