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First Grow! 400w hempy/dwc Critical Kush day 34 flower.

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hey guys so I'm new here and this is my first grow. These were vegged for 8 weeks, had heat issues to start. 11ltr hempy 2-1 perlite/vermiculite, DM Gold nutes, rainwater, calmax, monsta bud, ph 5.8, 1300ppm, 400w cool tube in 1.2x1.2x2 tent. Just sharing some pics. thanks .                             the biggest girl - post-51296-0-88676600-1370269451_thumb.jpgpost-51296-0-94111900-1370269567_thumb.jpgpost-51296-0-16532700-1370269607_thumb.jpg   the other two - post-51296-0-03735600-1370269640_thumb.jpgpost-51296-0-14633300-1370269668_thumb.jpgpost-51296-0-48160200-1370269695_thumb.jpgpost-51296-0-00681000-1370269728_thumb.jpg

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hey hiitsme, plants are looking way good plenty colas happening nice. i'm also about to start my first indoor grow in a 1.2x1.2x2m tent as soon as my seeds arrive. how many you got going in that size tent and in what size pots ? also, whats going on with the green rope ... looks like the branches are all tied down to the wooden structure

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they also don't look like they inside a tent did you take them out for the photo shoot ? thanks for the pics

hey mate thanks for the reply. Yes I take them out for the photos because the hps is very orange. So I have four in the tent in 11 litre bins. I think 6 in this size tent under 600w would be ideal. The tying down is quite crucial because had I not tied down, I'd have tops at very varying distances. With lst, you can even out the canopy thus ensuring all the buds get the same amount of light (and heat) and all the buds are basically the same size. In the pics you can see they don't look 100% happy, I had a broken ph pen and therefore ph issues for a few days until the new pen arrived (I used drops in the meantime not an entirely accurate method) they look much better today and the buds are swelling fast, they look much different now.

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