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Anyone using Cash Crop CoCo Coir & would like to give an opinion

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Hi All 

Wet Sat-Dee nite in Melbourne after a very wet & thundery Fri-Dee nite

Anyone using Cash Crop's Coco coir, can pick up a 50lt bags for around $15.00


( Not buying off eBay but here is a link to the product on eBay)




Worth Using Or Move On





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wait.. wait.... maybe I was a tad bit harsh............nope........  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wait.. Wait... Maybe lol lol lol

So not a fan there Shroomy ?


Yes Doc been using the bricks , it's just , be nice not to have to mix wet coco for once , ye old back would appreciate it

Mind you, i say this just after spending the last 2 days shoveling a cubic meter of mushroom compost round the joint

need i say it , " it was very wet " & there were lots of "old man noises" cum'in out of me

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I've used cash crop coco several times, first cple of bags were not bad tho last one was no so good. Have found nutrifield bags to be a better quality. Even the tutes on here to buffer the blocks are just as good & cheaper $$$$ ;) Gave the nutes a go one run with fairly good results but now I'm ala natural (organic) don't get the quite quantity but the quality much better than manufactured pharma nutes IMO. Get ya hands dirty kids.
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Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies 

Can't seem to find Sri Lanka coco in Melb , same with Nutrifield

I can find Canna coco & Cash Crop coco & has anyone seen the " No Name Brand " coco ,

in a plain white bag for $18 , now there's a product you could be confident in , Yerr right !

I'll keep searching , prob just go with canna.

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